Mission & Vision


• To process fish and fish products in a high quality manner, nutritious and safe.
• To produce high quality, nutritious and safe value added products.
• To produce high quality fish meal and fish oil
• To ensure quality and safety of food products upon delivery and beyond such as sanitary transportation of food rules under food safety modernization act and maintaining the cold chain supply system.


The vision is to achieve the production of premium quality product under “Excellence in Food Processing” by accomplishing the followings:
• The Company is seeking to reserve a leading role in the fresh water fish & fish food industry in Bangladesh by 2017 while maintaining a highly professional environment in the fields of selling fresh, frozen and value added fish products.
• The Company will aggressively enter into the world fish market by 2017 with superior quality fish and fish products.
• To become a leading international brand exporting fresh and frozen fish products in the global marketplace by 2020 distinguished by high quality in accordance with the international standards and specifications.